Listen :: Halasan Bazar – Space Junk

Hey guys. Sorry I’ve been MIA for what feels like a decade, but you know, life happens. Sometimes you get a new job and get so stoked you have nothing to do on the weekends anymore that you actually do nothing on the weekends. Anyway, I’m back and I’m behind on some stuff so, maybe this is old news. But I’m going to tell you about it anyway. My blog, my rules.

Alright, I want to tell you guys about this fantastic release from a band out of Copenhagen. Maybe you’ve heard of them? They’re called Halasan Bazar and the album is called Space Junk. Their sound is every bit 60s psych with a futuristic weirdness that I really dig. The album is out now on Crash Symbols.

Vibe with me.

Watch a video.

Buy this. Seriously. 

Follow them…
Halasan Bazar on Facebook
They have a bandcamp and soundcloud, too!

Crash Symbols on Facebook
You can find them on bandcamp and soundcloud as well.


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