Listen :: Quiet Company

I recently got the chance to catch Quiet Company again in Atlanta at the Drunken Unicorn and as always, they were quite incredible. The Austin-based five-piece brings high, intense energy and classiness (see ties, vests, etc.) to the stage. If you haven’t seen them live, I highly recommend catching a show the next time they pass through your city. You won’t be disappointed.

Back in April Quiet Company rereleased their 2006 debut, Shine Honestly. Of course, this isn’t your run of the mill rerelease. Taylor Muse and company rerecorded all 12 tracks to reflect how they’ve grown over the past 7+ years and recorded two bonus tunes, “…And You Said it Was Pretty Here” and “Gun Control Means Using Both Hands.” Listen below and watch the video for the track, “The Emasculated Man and the City That Swallowed Him.”

You can order this amazing album here (color vinyl, y’all) as well as their other stellar releases.

Y’all should be friends…


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