Listen :: Steph Barrak – Hardwired

This gorgeous gem was dropped in my inbox a few weeks back from Boston-based singer-songwriter Steph Barrak. The whole album is beautiful in every sense of the word, but this track moved me to tears. And I’m going to tell y’all, it’s not often that I cry while listening to a song or album. Chills yes, tears not so much (unless I’m seeing Pavement for the first time on my birthday). Anyway, check out “Hardwired” from Words to Break Your Heart below, I’ve included the album version as well as an acoustic version, both (and the entire album) are definitely worth your time. But if you do nothing else, click play on the video at the very bottom.

album version


Words to Break Your Heart is available now via Steph’s bandcamp, you can also find it at all the hot spots like iTunes and Spotify.
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