Band Crush :: Sunny Ali and The Kid

Band Crush :: Sunny Ali and The Kid

A couple of days ago Philly-based blogger Mark of  Yvynyl updated the Internet about this new EP available for download. Because I love discovering new music and because I trust Yvynyl, I clicked the link. What I found was Sunny Ali and The Kid and I can’t get enough. Seriously.
Sunny Ali and The Kid are a Philly-based kind of country, kind of punk and whole lot of awesome band. They recently released a digital EP called Try Harder, which you can download here. It’s available for free, but the band does accept donations, which I recommend you do because according to Mark they are great live. Monies = Tour. That’s what I’m talking about. Also, if it’s good (and it is pretty darn good) it’s worth buying.
Check out these tracks below, they are my favorites from the EP.

Try Harder

The Best For You

I’ve seriously had this EP on repeat for the past two days. I love it.

Check out Sunny Ali and The Kid all over the Internets.