BEST OF SXSW :: 2013

BEST OF SXSW :: 2013

So instead of me going on and on about how great SXSW was (it was really great), I made this 8tracks mix of tunes from the bands I got to see. Because let’s be real, despite what some might say, SXSW is all about the music if you make it all about the music.
Peep the list of bands on the mix below along with some handy dandy links.

PS – breakfast tacos are still the jam and Austin is the best city in the world.

Shugo Tukomaru
Jacco Gardner
Mac DeMarco
High Highs
Hip Hatchet
The Pass
Nerves Junior
Rod Argent & Colin Blunstone of The Zombies! (Thank you, Zach. Thank you, sonaBLAST.)
Francisco The Man
Hundred Visions
Blue Hawaii
Grape St.

SXSW :: Top 12

SXSW :: Top 12

This post is really just because I wanted to gush about the awesome bands I already love, the cool parties I got to attend AND THE FOOD. Also, it’s in list form because I love lists.

1. Guards
You guys know I love this band. A LOT. And I had to catch them as many times as possible because I love them. A LOT. Check out “I See it Coming” below and then head over to Daytrotter and watch their performance of “I See it Coming” at Codfish Hollow. It will change your life.

2. Hundred Visions
I saw these guys for the first time at a Daytrotter Barnstormer back in September and was completely blown away by them. I bought their EP, Last Cab From Tunis, and listened to it non-stop. I knew I had to see them again at SXSW. They were nothing short of incredible. They have a new album coming out soon. I can’t wait. Check out “The Light That Starts The Day” below.

3. Breakfast Tacos
Do I need to say more? Tacos for breakfast is kind of my thing.

The internet got together at a relevant bar in Austin, partied hard and danced the night away to DJ sets from Ghilibi, Chrome Sparks, and a live performance from Hooray For Earth.

5. Breakfast at Annie’s on South Congress
Don’t let the reviews on Foursquare fool you, their bacon is perfect.

6. Bear In Heaven
After sitting through two electronic sets that were putting me to sleep, it was refreshing to dance to some Bear In Heaven goodness. Check out “Sinful Failure” from I Love You, It’s Cool.

7. Youth Lagoon
I saw Youth Lagoon two days in a row and each time blew my mind just like the first time. If you haven’t jumped on this bandwagon yet, you might want to consider it. Check out “Cannons” below.

8. Hey! Cupcake
It took all of my self control not to visit this food truck twice a day. If you are in Austin, look for the pink cupcake sitting on top of an Airstream. I’d recommend the Michael Jackson or the Red Velvet. I’ve also heard the Jack Lemmon is to die for.

9. Doritos Locos Taco
It’s definitely not something I’d eat on a regular basis or probably ever again (unless they are sponsoring SXSW 2013), but it’s all sorts of delicious.

10. Young Magic
Their sound has the ability to impregnate even the men. Sexy beats, sexy jams. Listen to “Night in the Ocean” below.

11. BBQ
Iron Works all day, everyday. It’s Texas, it’s kind of mandatory.

12. Catching up with my friends from all over the place
SO MUCH LOVE for all of my friends that I got to hang out with during the week of madness. I love you all.

Smell ya later ATX, it was real. REAL AWESOME.


SXSW 2012 :: Newness

It’s probably super cliché to refer to something as bittersweet, but that’s totally how I feel about SXSW. Austin, TX is quite possibly the coolest city in the US and I know with out a doubt that SXSW is the greatest festival on either side of the Mississippi. And as much exhausting fun as I had the past week, I’m glad to be back in Atlanta and my own bed.

Newness :: Music
So, here’s some new (to me) bands that I caught at SXSW that I think you all should know about.

Mr. Gnome @ Red 7 :: Forcefield PR/Terrorbird Media Day Party
I caught the psych-noise duo at Red 7 on Wednesday. They were incredible. Check out “House of Circles” from the band’s October 2011 release Madness is Miniature.

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Forest Fire @ Red 7 :: Forcefield PR/Terrorbird Media Day Party
Forest Fire has a Girls plus Kurt Vile vibe to them, which I totally dig. Check out “Future Shadows” below.

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The Orwells @ Hype Hotel :: Aquarium Drunkard Party
I think I overheard someone says these guys are in high school. HIGH SCHOOL? The Orwells totally punched me in the face with their punk rock sound. You should definitely watch out for this band. Check out “Who Needs You” below.

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Emily Wells @ Hotel Vegas :: Brooklyn Vegan Party
Soulful voice mixed with lovely weaving loops, Emily Wells creates insanely great music. Her style is impressive to watch and listen to, especially live. Her new album Mama comes out on April 10. Check out “Passenger” below.
mp3 :: Passenger – Emily Wells
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Pond @ Hotel Vegas :: Brooklyn Vegan Party
Pond features members of the psych-rock band Tame Impala, so I obviously had to see them at least once during SXSW. If you like have your face melted off with pure 70s tinged rock ‘n’ roll, then definitely check out Pond. Check out “Fantastic Explosion of Time” below.

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Niki and the Dove @ UO :: Urban Outfitters Day Party
Swedish dance pop? Yes, please! Check out “The Drummer” below and you should consider going to their website daily because it’s awesome.

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Listen :: Free Energy – Electric Fever

Listen :: Free Energy – Electric Fever

Free Energy is back with a new track from their upcoming LP Love Sign. This track will make your face melt and your booty shake. Are you ready for it? Check out “Electric Fever” below from the band’s SoundCloud page.

Free Energy is heading to SXSW in Austin, TX, definitely see a show or two (dates below). You won’t regret it.
3/14: Popantipop/Sea Shepherd Conservation Society Party @ The Brew Exchange (formerly Annie’s West), 3:30PM
3/14: Blow Up Presented by Caoker and The Seaport Music Festival Showcase @ Blue Theatre, 5:20PM
3/14: Consequence of Sound Showcase @ Emo’s Jr, 1:00AM
3/15: The Get Down Day Party @ Kenny Dorham’s Backyard Park
3/15: Vagabond Collective Showcase @ Gypsy Lounge,  4:45PM
3/16: My Old Kentucky Blog Showcase @ Peckerhead’s, 4:30PM
3/16: The Windish Agency Showcase @ ND at 501 Studios, 9:00PM

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BEST OF SXSW :: Mutual Benefit

BEST OF SXSW :: Mutual Benefit

FINALLY! I got to see one of my favorites live and it couldn’t have been in a more perfect setting, Hot Mama’s Coffee Shop.
Mutual Benefit serenaded the crowd with their beautiful tunes at the Head Underwater//Kassette Klub Showcase. Even J. Mascis stopped in for a minute (think he dug it).

The most recent Mutual Benefit release is available now on bandcamp!

BEST OF SXSW :: Guards

BEST OF SXSW :: Guards

Guards were definitely one of my favorites at SXSW and I only saw them one time! Anyway,  I don’t need to saw much about them, they are phenomenal. And of course, I love anything that sounds like it’s from another time.

Guards is an NYC-based project started by Richie Follin. You can get your ears on a 7-track EP on bandcamp. And while there’s still some left, head over to Small Plates Records and get your hands on Guards’ 7″ EP.

Check out a live performances by Guards on MTV Hive.

My favorite track :: I See It Coming – Guards

BEST OF SXSW :: High Highs

BEST OF SXSW :: High Highs

Over the next couple of days I’m going to start my Best of SXSW postings. I could just list them and be done with it, but then I wouldn’t be doing my obsessions justice. SXSW was crazy, and there was so much to see and do. Unfortunately I didn’t get to see nearly as much as I felt like I should, but what did see was awesome!

I’m going to start things of with a band I was first exposed to at SXSW called the High Highs. Ever since I heard their live set at the Big Ugly Yellow Couch/I Guess I’m Floating showcase I needed to know more about them.

New York-based High Highs have some killer dreamy pop tunes. Check out the video for “Open Season” below and then head over to their bandcamp and download “Open Season” along with a couple more.

Official video for “Open Season”: