The Answer Page :: Featureless Beast

Bedroom, shoegaze solo project The Answer Page, Houston-based Nate McKee, is releasing his second album on July 10. Featureless Beast is available for pre-order now, you might want to get on that.

The good folks at Decorder premiered the first single from the album back in May, check it out below.
Timebomb Lullaby – The Answer Page

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The Answer Page is a bedroom, shoegaze solo project from Houston-based Nate McKee. Orca is his debut album, which is available digitally and on CD.
Orca’s  sound reminds me of everything perfect about ’90s post-punk. These tracks are perfect to get you in the autumn mindset. I don’t know about y’all, but I’m ready for sweater weather. Check out the of song below and then head on over to The Answer Page’s Bandcamp and get it!

mp3 :: Our Words without Meaning – The Answer Page

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Save The Clocktower :: Carousel

Save The Clocktower is an electro-pop band from Chicago.  Greg Newton (Drums, vocals, electronics), Sean Paras (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Shenk (keyboards) started the band back in 2007 and self-released their debut in 2009. The band is back in 2011 with Carousel.

I’ve probably listened to Carousel 100 times since it was sent to me early December. I immediately fell in love with everything about it.

When I think of a carousel, I imagine the traditional type of spinning machine. The type that has colorful horses and carriages rotating around with smiling kids and parents photographing them having a blast. When I was a kid, I imagined that those horses and carriages would lift off the carousel and take me to another place. It’s easy to lose yourself when you listen to Save The Clocktower‘s Carousel, like it was easy for me to lose myself as a kid on the carousel. The dreamy tracks on this album have the ability to take you to another place.

Save the Clocktower‘s sound is pure electronic pop with a hint of shoegaze. And their 10 track album is compiled of beat-driven jams that could hold their own on any dance floor or in your headphones.

The Carousel ride begins with “Drip”, an introduction to the album got me completely hooked and I couldn’t wait to hear more. The album ends with a slow burning, “Headphones”, which is absolutely gorgeous. Every song in between reinvents the band’s sound. This album has high repeatability without getting old. It’s just a fun album to listen to.

Save The Clocktower‘s Carousel is set for release on February 26 on CD and digital formats. I’ll have more information about how you can get your hands on this gem later, but for now check out my favorite track on the album, “Far Apart”, below.

mp3 :: Far Apart – Save the Clocktower

And if you are lucky enough to be in the Chicago area, Save The Clocktower is playing a show at the Empty Bottle on January 15.

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