Save The Clocktower :: Carousel

Save The Clocktower :: Carousel

Save The Clocktower is an electro-pop band from Chicago.  Greg Newton (Drums, vocals, electronics), Sean Paras (guitar, vocals), Jimmy Shenk (keyboards) started the band back in 2007 and self-released their debut in 2009. The band is back in 2011 with Carousel.

I’ve probably listened to Carousel 100 times since it was sent to me early December. I immediately fell in love with everything about it.

When I think of a carousel, I imagine the traditional type of spinning machine. The type that has colorful horses and carriages rotating around with smiling kids and parents photographing them having a blast. When I was a kid, I imagined that those horses and carriages would lift off the carousel and take me to another place. It’s easy to lose yourself when you listen to Save The Clocktower‘s Carousel, like it was easy for me to lose myself as a kid on the carousel. The dreamy tracks on this album have the ability to take you to another place.

Save the Clocktower‘s sound is pure electronic pop with a hint of shoegaze. And their 10 track album is compiled of beat-driven jams that could hold their own on any dance floor or in your headphones.

The Carousel ride begins with “Drip”, an introduction to the album got me completely hooked and I couldn’t wait to hear more. The album ends with a slow burning, “Headphones”, which is absolutely gorgeous. Every song in between reinvents the band’s sound. This album has high repeatability without getting old. It’s just a fun album to listen to.

Save The Clocktower‘s Carousel is set for release on February 26 on CD and digital formats. I’ll have more information about how you can get your hands on this gem later, but for now check out my favorite track on the album, “Far Apart”, below.

mp3 :: Far Apart – Save the Clocktower

And if you are lucky enough to be in the Chicago area, Save The Clocktower is playing a show at the Empty Bottle on January 15.

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Listen :: Bridge Underwater

Listen :: Bridge Underwater

Bridge Underwater is an indie/pop band from the greatest town I’ve never really been to, Philadelphia, PA.
Recently the band released Send Me All Your Love EP on CD and digital download. These brilliant, dreamy pop tunes have an unforgettable 80’s sound with a vibe that’s brand new. And it’s easy to pick up on the band’s influences without it being too overwhelming.
These songs would fit in on any John Hughes’ movie soundtrack. You know, at the end when Samantha Baker kisses Jake Ryan or when Keith and Watts kiss. Swoon.
Anyway, my favorite track on the EP is “I Love You.” That ending guitar riff really does it for me.

mp3 :: I Love You – Bridge Underwater

Have you fallen in love yet? Download it here.

If you’re in Philly on January 26, you can check them out at The Fire, otherwise you’re just going to have to keep obsessing over their Bandcamp page like me.

You can stalk Bridge Underwater on all these fine sites:

Tomorrow! Atlanta Blog-a-thon begins!

Tomorrow! Atlanta Blog-a-thon begins!

[via Little Advances]

If you come here regularly, you know I’ve been taking it easy for the past 3 weeks due to real world stuff.  I haven’t been totally inactive, though.  Back in mid-November, I asked some of my favorite local music writers if they would be interested in participating in a collaborative year end piece.  They all agreed, and we have been working on it intermittently since then.

Basically, we set out to have a conversation about the year in music, with an emphasis on Atlanta music since that is where we are all based.  You are going to get to see the results next week, in a multi-part post that will be rolled out over the course of a few days.

I’m calling this a blog-a-thon, but some of the participants wouldn’t consider themselves bloggers.  It is more accurate to consider us a group of Atlanta-based music fans that maintain spots on the internet where we can write about music.  That doesn’t lend itself to a catchy name very easily, though, so I’m sticking with blog-a-thon.

Here are the participants and where you can find them on the internet:

Rube Ambler – Atlanta’s A-List

Moe Castro – Latest Disgrace

Emily Hogan – Wholly Roller

Tim Lampe – I’m a Bear! Etc.

Nadia Lelutiu – The Moon and Pluto

Davy Minor – Ohmpark

Chuck Norton – Dead Journalist

But you already had all of those bookmarked, right?

See you on Monday.

Listen :: True Womanhood – “The Grey Man”

Listen :: True Womanhood – “The Grey Man”

This new True Womanhood track, “The Grey Man”, is melodically distorted. And it’s quite gorgeous to listen to. The band ran “vocals through the malfunctioning tape delay and replaced the guitars with melotron strings and samples from an old tack piano.” True Womanhood has created a truly unique and individual sound.

Listen :: The Grey Man

Stay tuned to the band’s Tumblr and SoundCloud. They have some new and exciting things up their sleeves and I can’t wait to hear them.