So, I’m going to try and post a few days worth of shows that I think you guys should check out. Last year I tried keeping a calendar along the sidebar and that only worked out half of the time. I’ll try to keep it to one a day, but sometimes you’ll just have to choose. It’s rough, I know. Here it goes, let’s see how this works.

Wednesday – 1/18
Beautiful Little Fools, The Granfalloons, Andrew Combs @ The EARL

Thursday – 1/19
Cass McCombs Band, Frank Fairfield @ The EARL
Cousin Dan, Turf War, Abby Go-Go, Dino’s Boys celebrate Luis & Tim’s 30th Birthdays @ Star Bar

Friday – 1/20
Carnivores, The Coat Hangers, Frankie Broyles (of Balkans) @ The EARL

Saturday – 1/21
The Bright Light Social Hour, Gun Party, Dead Rabbits @ Masquerade
Mood Rings, Mirror Mode, Lucy Dreams, Warning Light @ Star Bar

Monday – 1/23
Featureless Ghost, Pressed And, Divine Interface, C Powers (DJ Set), Fit of Body @ 529

Wednesday 1/25
Twin Sister, Ava Luna, Kid Pyramid @ The EARL

The Bright Light Social Hour :: Live at the Masquerade on Saturday, January 21

Austin-based rock band The Bright Light Social Hour is hitting the road this winter and they’re stopping in Atlanta at the Masquerade on Saturday, January 21. Tickets are $7 in advance, $9 at the door.

The Bright Light Social Hour are a fun mix of psych and southern rock with an epic moustache.  They released their self-titled debut in 2010 and New Year’s Live EP in 2011. Check out the video for “Shanty” from New Year’s Live EP below.

Get Social :: Connect with The Bright Light Social Hour

Band Crush :: Local Natives

If you know me, you know that my latest obsession is Local Natives. I love them. Mustache, beards, cute curly hair and all.
Anyway, so the music. Their music is fantastic. I mean if you like awesome music with three-part harmonies, percussion blasts and thoughtful lyrics, you’ll definitely like Local Natives. Their debut record, Gorilla Manor, is out now on Frenchkiss Records and you need to buy it. Go!
On Saturday, May 1, I was lucky enough to catch these incredible dudes, who hail from Silverlake, CA, twice when they stopped in Atlanta. Once at Criminal Records in Little Five Points and then later that night at The Masquerade. Both shows were amazing. The unplugged acoustic in-store was crowded and intimate. They played the popular Airplanes, Sun Hands, Wide Eyes and my personal favorite, a cover of the Talking Heads‘ song Warning Sign. And of course because they are super nice, they stuck around, signed autographs and chatted with some fans before heading down the street to The Masquerade.
That night at The Masquerade, they played to a packed house downstairs in the area of the venue known as “Hell”. Again, very intimate and very crowded, but in a good way. The only complaint I have is the crowd was rather dead. I felt like my group of friends and me were the only people moving. Especially during Suckers (follow them on Twitter and give them a thumbs up on Facebook), the opening act from Brooklyn, NY. Maybe everyone was just in awe of these two really fantastic bands, who knows? Needless to say the show didn’t let me down. They put on such an incredible show and are such nice guys (I can’t say that enough, they are SO nice!). Both bands hung out with fans after the Masquerade show, signing autographs and posing for pictures. Side note, Suckers is releasing their debut, Wild Smile, in June. It’s going to awesome!
Seriously, you have to at least check out Local Natives. You can catch them in a city near you on this current tour, check their website or Myspace for dates. They will also be at Bonnaroo (June 10-13). I know I’ll make an effort to see them again as soon as possible, you should as well!
Pst… follow Local Natives on Twitter and “Like” them on Facebook if you know what’s good for you.
And if you don’t believe me when I say, “This band is great!” Just give them a listen, this song is also a favorite of mine.

Who Knows, Who Cares