FAVORITES OF 2011 :: EPs/Singles

FAVORITES OF 2011 :: EPs/Singles

So, here’s the second installment of my FAVORITES of 2011. These favorites come in the form of EPs, singles, 7″ and split 12″ releases of the vinyl and digital variety.

This list originally included Guards’ Resolution of One 7″ (released in the US in 2010, but in the UK in 2011. IT COUNTS!), but after hearing the single Pitchfork posted today, I decided to post the new one instead. Y’all know I love them. The new single is out now on White Iris.

These are in no particular order.

Hundred Visions – Last Cab From Tunis

Toy Camera – Blissful Youth

TV Girl – Benny & The Jetts

Keep Shelly in Athens – Our Own Dreams

Gracie – For Summer

Alabama Shakes – Alabama Shakes

Conveyor – Sun Ray

Mutual Benefit/Holy Spirits – Mutual Spirits

Eternal Summers – Prisoner

Black Books – An Introduction To…

Guards – Do It Again

Video :: Invisible Children // Silver Series: Holy Spirits – “Tongues”

Video :: Invisible Children // Silver Series: Holy Spirits – “Tongues”

Check out this gorgeous video of Holy Spirits‘ “Tongues.” It’s part of the Invisible Children Music Silver Series.

[vimeo http://vimeo.com/29461378 w=601&h=338]

And Atlanta folks, Holy Spirits will be in town on October 8th at The Cottage in East Atlanta. More info to come, stay tuned.

Listen :: Mutual Spirits

Listen :: Mutual Spirits

Two of my favorites, Mutual Benefit (Boston, MA/Columbus, OH) and Holy Spirits (New York, NY) have teamed up to release Mutual Spirits 12″ split on Father/Daugher Records.

Mutual Spirits is a limited edition pressing, there’s only 250! They are pressed on gold and clear vinyl. The album art was designed by the talented Nathaniel Whitcomb of Think or Smile. Each purchase comes with a digital download card and a handmade 1″ button set.

Check out these deliciously sweet tracks.
mp3 :: Mutual Benefit – No Names
mp3 ::  Holy Spirits РTo The Shore

Both bands are playing a record release show with Lands and Peoples and Moon at Glasslands in Brooklyn, NY. If you can get there, do it. Get your tickets here!

Pre-order Mutual Spirits HERE.
Keep up with Father/Daughter on Twitter and Facebook!

The final installment of my Favorites of 2010 contains all of the favorite music I found via the internet, more specifically on blogs. The world wide web is a beautiful place, especially with these guys and gals hanging around. All of the releases from these people definitely fit into the other categories, but I felt like making a special post just for them. And a special thanks goes out to blogs like Unholy Rhythms, Get Off The Coast, Yvynyl, Head Underwater, Gorilla vs. Bear and many more for introducing me and everyone else to lovely music from lovely people.

I found these bands/artists strictly on the internet and I think they represent some of the greatest people making music. They might have a physical cassette, album, CD or EP floating around out there, but for the most part their music can only be found online. I urge you to click the link and find out all you can about these amazing people.

Kiss Kiss Fantastic :: Antisocial Butterflies

Mutual Benefit :: Stargazer


GOBBLE GOBBLE :: Seizure the Metronome

Teen Daze :: Everywhere

Teenage Reverb :: Double Exposure

Ghost Animal :: Change Your Mind

Purling Hiss :: Almost Washed My Hair

Blackbird Blackbird :: Heartbeat

Weed :: Shift

Foxes in Fiction :: Coffee Cups That Won’t Break Down

Mickey Mickey Rourke :: Voiceless and Floating

Solar Bears :: Inner Sunshine

Dent May :: Eastover Wives

Keep Shelly In Athens :: Cremona Memories

Waskerley Way :: Return of the Space Cat

Holy Spirits :: White Walls

Coma Cinema :: Gentlewoman

Gauntlet Hair :: I Was Thinking…

This is just the short list. Seriously. There are so many bands/artists out there that are creating amazing music. I urge you to visit the blogs I have linked on the side bar of Wholly Roller. They are finding good stuff that you should definitely be paying attention to.

Here’s to a happy, creative 2011.

Listen :: Holy Spirits

Listen :: Holy Spirits

God Bless the Internet.
About a week or so ago, Holy Spirits started following me on Twitter. I still get the notification emails from Twitter about my new followers, so, I obviously had to check this Holy Spirits out. And believe me, it was the best decision I made all day.
Holy Spirits is the Brooklyn-based band that is literally blowing my mind with their amazing take on making music. “Tongues” was the first song I heard and I was completely amazed by how they made this song work. It begins with a bang and goes into silent breaths and Ooo’s, followed by gorgeous harmonies into a chorus rounded out by hand claps. If this isn’t art, then I don’t know what is.
Each demo on the band’s MySpace is a separate masterpiece and they all fit together like paintings in a gallery.
For fans of Grizzly Bear or Local Natives. You really need to head over to their MySpace and listen for yourself. Your browser will not leave that page for days.

MP3: White Walls