Review :: Four Deadly Questions/The Answer Lies


This split EP opens with a three minute joyride from Four Deadly Sins, “Get Your Nun-chucks and Your Dad’s Car; I Know Where We Can Get a Gun”.
Four Deadly Sins is a band to be reckoned with. Hailing from New York, 4DQ fuses new school charm with old school angst. In tracks like “All Things Inconsiderate” and “Bottom Rung”, Riot Grrl and Sick of it All have a love child. And it’s a beautiful thing. The contrast of the male and female voices makes 4DQ’s half that much more enjoyable.
The Answer Lies opens the second half of the EP by holding nothing back with the track “Pink Bandanna”. Their half is completed in just over six minutes and it is sure to deliver an incredible punk rock performance. Their hardcore sound pays homage to those that have come before them, but if you listen they are all The Answer Lies and no one else.
This is a great EP to listen to when you want to let all of your frustrations out, or just listen to a really great punk rock album that has two really awesome bands on it.

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