Did someone say free? :: Merge Records 2010 Sampler available now

Merge Records has released a 2010 Sampler full of awesome tracks by She & Him, Spoon, Destroyer, Let’s Wrestle and more! The 14 track sampler is available for download on Amazon for free. Download it here.
1. Radar Brothers :: Horses Warriors
2. Let’s Wrestle :: IWon’t Lie To You
3. Destroyer :: The Very Modern Dance
4. Shout Out Louds :: Fall Hard
5. Spoon :: Written In Reverse
6. Lou Barlow :: Don’t Apologize
7. She & Him :: Thieves
8. Superchunk :: Learned To Surf
9. Alec Bathgate :: Glide
10. The Clientele :: I Wonder Who We Are
11. Caribou :: Odessa
12. The Clean :: In The Dreamlife U Need A Rubber Soul
13. Wye Oak :: I Hope You Die
14. Lambchop :: Give It

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The Soundmen :: Remix That Tree – Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi

The Soundmen are at it again, remixing great songs and putting their own unique twist. And it’s no surprise to me that I love the newest remix featuring “That Tree” – Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi.

From The Soundmen:

The Soundmen have taken Snoop and Cudi’s new single “That Tree” and turned it into a space disco jam where George Clinton, New Order, Passion Pit, and Modest Mouse would all be playing at the same time. Its an extremely fun record whose goal is helping to bring the listener through those last weeks of winter and into spring. I hope you enjoy!

Listening to track: That Tree – Snoop Dogg & Kid Cudi (The Soundmen Remix)
And follow this link to download it!

The Soundmen are the NYC/Seattle production duo of Justin Jamison and Scott Durday. They have produced and remixed records for artists such as Glasvegas, The Drums, Super Viral Brothers, 33hz, P.SO (AOK Collective), Ron Browz, G Dep and many others.

“Keep your browsers bookmarked, because we may be witnessing the birth of the next Girl Talk” – Paste Magazine

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Vampire Weekend :: Two doses of awesome

Alright, so I love Rancid. I really love Rancid. And I really love Vampire Weekend. When the two are put together, it just makes it that much better. I’m not too sure how I didn’t know about this until about 20 minutes ago, but nonetheless here it is. Vampire Weekend doing a fantastic cover of one or my favorite Rancid songs, ‘Ruby Soho’.
Ruby Soho (Rancid Cover)
You can get a link to the download from Abeano music blog.

But wait, there’s more! Vampire Weekend has also released a music video for “Giving Up The Gun”. The video is directed by The Malloys and features cameos from Joe Jonas of the Jonas Brothers, Jake Gyllenhaal, Lil’ Jon and RZA of the Wu-Tang Clan.

[via Gorilla vs. Bear] :: Girls cover “End of the World” by Skeeter Davis

From Gorilla vs. Bear:

Girls cover Skeeter Davis‘ devastating 1962 hit “End of the World.” Taken from the group’s new Morning Light UK single, out next week on Turnstile/Fantasy Trashcan.

End of the World
For the original post and download link click here.

I am going to need to get this! They are such a great band and I loved the set they did for us at Criminal Records in Atlanta.

Phoenix covers Dylan :: Awesome Alert

I think this is great. Everyone’s favorite French and oh so cute band Phoenix has covered Bob Dylan’s “Sad Eyed Lady of The Lowlands”. I must say, it’s pretty incredible. If you haven’t heard, you need to and if you haven’t downloaded for free, YES FREE, you need to. Now.
Listen here.
Sad Eyed Lady of The Lowlands
And then download it on Think Indie, the best place to download all of your indie faves. This song was performed at a session for German Magazine Musikexpress.

Click on the picture to go to Phoenix’s website.
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The remix kings have done it again :: The Soundmen

Here you go folks, more awesomeness from the remix extraordinaires, The Soundmen.
Take a listen, follow the link and download this. You will not be disappointed.

This time The Soundmen have remixed P.SO the Earth Tone King’s “Incredible feat. Homeboy Sandman, 8thW1, and Fresh Daily” and “Jungle feat. Von Pea”

Click to listen
Incredible (Soundmen Remix)

The Jungle ft Von Pea (Soundmen Remix)

And to download these fantastic remixes
For “Incredible”
For “The Jungle”

And don’t forget these links for more info and updates on The Soundmen and P.SO the Earth Tone King!