Listen :: I Come To Shanghai – Mother’s Arms (Great Escape)

I Come To Shanghai is Sam Frigard and Robert Ashley. They are originally from Oakland, CA, but relocated to Athens, GA in 2010. They recently released Eternal Life Vol. 1 on July 12. It’s the first in a series of psychedelic “shorter-than-LP, longer-than-EP” releases. Check out a track from Eternal Life Vol. 1 below. It really gets going around the 2 minute mark.

Mother’s Arms (Great Escape) – I Come To Shanghai via Soundcloud ::

You can get Eternal Life Vol. 1 here.

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Emergent Heart :: One EP

This EP is the first in a series from Athens-based musician Luke Johnson and sound engineer Sam Kim. The two met at a Broken Social Scene show and found out they had something more in common than just the same taste in music.
The two started this project in 2009 as a sort of music collective, like Broken Social Scene, but this project came with a cause behind it. Johnson chose Athens’ charity Nuci’s Space, a philanthropic organization that specializes in providing low cost mental health counseling to the music community says Emergent Heart’s website.
One is the first in the series and it’s available for free at Emergent Heart. Johnson asks that you download the album and make a donation to Nuci’s based on what you think about the music. And don’t worry, if a donation isn’t possible this time, you can help raise awareness for Nuci’s Space and Emergent Heart by simply telling people about it and encouraging them to participate.
For more information about Nuci’s Space please visit

MP3: What Do You Mean

Listography :: Twitter

Lists are always fun, especially when it is a list of who you should follow on Twitter! Yay!
I love Twitter, I think it is the greatest social networking tool in existence right now. Its fast, easy and awesome! Anyone and everyone can post something, anything they want, links to fantastic things included.
So, I have compiled a list of people/businesses that I follow from Atlanta and Athens that you might want to take a look at. This list is mostly music/arts related, with some randomness thrown in for fun. So here it is, a list of awesome people, places and things to fill your twitter feed with!

For the Atlanta area. I live in a Atlanta, so I’m probably a good one to follow. Just kidding. (No really,
A Cappella Books
AM 1690
Atlanta’s A List
Atlanta Music
Atlanta Rollergirls
Aurora Coffee
Brick Store Pub (They have the best selection of beers and awesome veggie burgers! I could eat there every night.)
Center Stage Atlanta
Creative Loafing Atlanta
Criminal Records
Decatur CD
Drive A Faster Car
Drunken Unicorn
Fake Marta (because its hilarious!)
Fox Theatre
Highland Inn Ballroom Lounge
Indie ATL
Indie Craft Experience Atlanta
The Masquerade
Ohm Park
Paste Magazine
The Plaza Theatre
Scout Mob
Star Bar
Sublime Doughnuts
Thee Andersons
Variety Playhouse
Wax ‘n’ Facts
WRAS Album 88.5 FM
For a full list of awesome people, places and things in ATL I follow on Twitter, follow my strategically crafted list: and I also have one devoted to ATL music:

In Athens
40 Watt
Athens, GA News (from my friend, Jon Bird!)
Athens Indie Craft
Athens Music
Athens Music Junkie
Georgia Theatre (Especially follow them for all the latest remodeling/rebuilding updates!)
Flagpole Music
The Red and Black
Venice is Sinking (Fantastic Athens band!)

Photos: Camera Obscura with Venice is Sinking & Papercuts

Live at the fabulous 40 Watt in Athens, GA on 12/3/09

Venice is Sinking


Camera Obscura

This was the first time ever seeing these bands live for me and it was incredible. Honestly, if you don’t listen to these bands already you need to get on that. Everything about these three bands is beautiful. You will not be disappointed.

More links!
Follow Camera Obscura on Twitter!
Follow Venice is Sinking on Twitter!
Follow the 40 Watt on Twitter!

And check out my Youtube page for a video of Camera Obscura and Papercuts. They aren’t fantastic quality and I’m dancing during the Camera Obscura one, so, it’s a little jumpy. The link is at the top right hand of this page.