Listen :: Black Books – Lovefool (The Cardigans cover)

Check out this cover of The Cardigan’s “Lovefool” by Austin-based Black Books.
I love what the band says about covering this track:

If Romeo + Juliet hadn’t come out when we were angst-ridden middle schoolers it may not have meant so much to us… but it did, and we ate that shit up. There’s no denying that ridiculous soundtrack. Since we started playing music together when this was all over MTV, we decided to cover The Cardigans’ Lovefool.

They made us want to fall madly in love… and then kill ourselves.

Being a child of the 90’s myself and a fan of sappy love stories, this song is definitely a favorite of mine. Black Books cover this song beautifully and put their own spin on it, which is always fun to hear. Listen to it below.

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